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You can stand out from the crowd or disappear into it. Which do you think is better for marketing?
STRATEGÖS is a branding and digital marketing agency, which means we will help you shine like a lemon pie on fire with a brand identity that delivers stand-out connection with your customers. Make them remember you. Make them love you! We'll give you all the tools you need.
“I’ve never seen a more rigorous, analytical, and quite frankly, more useful way to approach the problem of marketing for a small business.” ~ Client

“The process was a catalyst for massive changes at MetaGeek that have propelled us to the next level and is transforming the entire company still today. Every business should do this.” ~ Client

Do or Do Not

There is no try in business

1. Identify

Creativity without strategy is just a fancy guess. Brands fail when they can’t differentiate, can’t connect, can’t present any special reason to be chosen. Use research, analysis, and proven methodologies to differentiate yourself in ways that matter to customers. We’ll dig in deep to help you consider many scenarios and weigh the implications with the data you need to choose wisely.

2. Create

Boring does nothing for sales! Give your marketing purpose and power by creating the assets you need to look and feel exceptional: Logos, websites, taglines, messaging – everything you need for your business to (air quotes here) “rock.” Tell your story boldly. Stand out by standing for something.

3. Deploy

Attract ► Convert ► Delight Make all your marketing tactics work together like a well-oiled machine. Get your people, your processes and your placement focused on the same objectives. Be your brand and break out!

One Big Thing

Life, The universe and Everything

Focus on the right stuff

Why space hedgehogs? Because there’s an ancient Greek saying about a hedgehog and a fox. "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." The fox is crafty, a jack of all trades, but in the end the hedgehog wins by zeroing in on a single powerful idea. All great brands are fueled by focus. They know who they are and make sure you do too. What’s your "One Big Thing?"

(Spacesuit not included)

"The fox knows many things...

But the hedgehog knows one big thing"

- Super Deep Old Greek Saying

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